Flower Farm family

About Us

It all started with the Butterflies 

I'm Jess and he's Kelly... and we live here in Tomball, TX.  We are first generation farmers and are just learning as we grow... literally.  Our backyard farm is actually very small and most people can't believe how much we are able to grow in under a 1000 square feet!  We have 3 kids and 2 dogs and started farming in 2019.  We still laugh at how this all started because it wasn't planned by any means, it actually happened pretty organically.  We already had our hands full with juggling our very spirited kiddos! But we are both off the beaten path adventurers and this journey was something that felt so natural.  The cherry on top was having a shared hobby that we both enjoyed so much.  And not only did we end up falling in love with growing flowers, but also with this community.  The Tomball Farmer's Market is what keeps us going on those really hard weeks and getting to talk with the amazing people that attend or sell there, we saw our crush turn into a full blown love.  We actually aren't from Tomball but are both Texas born and raised.  Kelly grew up in the Klein area and I grew up in The Woodlands. However, Tomball was our top choice when we went home shopping for the first time, which says a lot because we don't agree on a lot.  While we both enjoy our loving and witty debates, it was nice to fall in love with the same city and both agree on where we wanted to raise our family.  We bought our home here in 2017, which is where we started our journey with flowers, farming, and raising our kids around so much joy in experiencing the outdoors and cultivating our lives in a small suburban flower farm!